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Contact lenses for astigmatism

Bronx contact lenses
Bronx contact lenses

Why would you want to consider contact lenses? Eyeglasses are fine, of course, but with our Bronx contact lenses, your facial appearance will not be altered. You retain your full range of vision, unlike with glasses which hinder your side-to-side (peripheral) eyesight. And because of how they sit in your eye, you get a more natural type of vision with contacts. At Eye Ex-press, we’re pleased to offer both soft and hard contacts. Which is the best choice for you depends on several factors including your personal preferences. Don’t worry, though. Our op-tical experts will work with you to ensure that your contacts are just perfect for you.

Soft lenses come in four basic types. Daily wear are ones you can keep in all day, for up to 18 hours. You then take them out before bed to clean them in preparation for the next day. With extended wear, you can keep your contacts in overnight while you sleep. If you would rather have lenses that you only wear once and can then throw out without having to clean them, disposable are the ideal choice. Finally, there is color-changing. You can use them as a fashion accessory, enjoying the fun of trying on a completely new eye color. You don’t even need vision correction to get color-changing contacts. With all those choices, why even think about hard lenses? Well, there are two very good reasons. Hard lenses, sometimes called gas-permeable or rigid, give the sharpest and clearest vision possible. Also, they are usually the best option when you have severe nearsightedness or astigmatism. We even have bifocal and multifocal, so you can see we really do have something for everyone among our Bronx con-tact lenses.

We want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible and that your contacts are giv-ing you the greatest visual benefit possible. That’s why we do contact lens exams and fittings. Your eyelids, corneas, and conjunctiva are the parts of your eyes that our Bronx contact lenses touch, so it’s important to determine if there are any challenges that could cause irritation or even infection. And fittings are essential to ascertain that your lenses are the right ones for your eye shape and your unique circumstances.

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