Bronx Eye Care

Bronx Eye Care

At Eye Express, our click for source specialists truly care about your optical health and overall well being. That is why we adamantly emphasize the importance of yearly eye exams for our patients. Having clear vision is necessary for your health and safety, and for the safety of others as well. When you visit Eye Express for your yearly eye exam, our Bronx eye care experts will administer a series of tests in order to get a good baseline understanding of how your eyes are functioning and to see if any sort of treatment is needed.

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Bronx Eye Health Evaluations

The tests included in your regular comprehensive eye exams at Eye Express include: a visual acuity test, refraction, a slit lamp examination, a retinal exam, a pupil dilation, a visual field test, a test for glaucoma, and other testing as needed based on the judgment of our click for source experts. If you wear prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses, your yearly exam will include a testing of your current prescription in order to see if any changes need to be made to keep your vision crisp and clear. Many common eye conditions develop so gradually and slowly that they might not cause noticeable symptoms until they have already advanced significantly. That is why it is so important not to neglect your yearly eye exams. The short time it takes to complete the exam (about one hour maximum) is well worth the security of knowing that your vision is in good shape and your eyes are healthy.

To learn more about comprehensive eye exams and the other various services offered by our click for source specialists at Eye Express, we encourage you to visit our website for additional information. If you have any specific questions or concerns that we can help you with, we would love to hear from you and address them. Feel free to stop by or give us a call during our regular store hours, or you can send us a message online using the Contact Us form located on our website. We look forward to your next visit at Eye Express.

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