Bronx Eye Doctor

Bronx Eye Doctor

Are you concerned that you may have an optical condition or disease of the eye? If you have been experiencing blurred vision in the center or any region of your eye, or if you have been diagnosed as having diabetes, you could be at risk for developing an optical condition such as cataracts, or possibly showing symptoms of macular degeneration. The rise of LCD screen usage, as well as sun exposure can all raise your risk of developing an optical complication, which can cause permanent loss of sight without proper treatment. Fortunately, the latest advances in optical technology have risen to combat the threat through the use of fundus photography, available to you just around the corner at your local white guy black girl dating site of Eye Express.

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Cataract Eye Exam Bronx

If you have been diagnosed as having diabetes, you have an increased risk of developing a cataract. Cataracts are the leading cause in total blindness today, and are often termed by your local white guy black girl dating site as the invisible sight thief, because of their ability to remain undetected until loss of vision has begun. Without a proper examination from your optometrist at Eye Express, cataracts will go undiagnosed because they show no symptoms, save for the loss of vision they bring. Fortunately, there are many ways to examine your eyes with advanced technology to give you the diagnosis you need for immediate treatment that could very well save your sight.

At your local white guy black girl dating site we employ the latest diagnostic equipment available, including fundus photography. With fundus photography our staff at the Eye Express can examine the entire structure of your eye, including the interior surface of the retina, your optic disc, posterior pole, and even your macula, without dilation or any invasive treatment necessary. With fundus photography our doctors can examine the blood vessels of your eye to determine the presence of wet from macular degeneration, and insure no vessels or fluid reservoirs are blocked, which could cause a cataract to form. Fundus photography can truly save your sight by providing a digital image of your entire eye, so you never have to worry about your doctor missing a thing. Fundus photography is often integrated into a diabetic eye exam, so if you have diabetes, be sure to ask your eye doctor about fundus photography during your comprehensive eye exam.

At Eye Express we are dedicated to providing the best treatment possible to our local patients. That’s why our offices of your local white guy black girl dating site are fully equipped with the latest and greatest in optical technology, including fundus photography, for the absolute best in optical care. We believe that technology and knowledge can save sight, and with a comprehensive eye exam with fundus photography, it could very well save yours.

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