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At Eye Express, we offer you a full service, one stop experience from eye exam to prescription lens crafting to eyeglass lens coatings. Yes, while your eyeglasses help you to see better, there are also practical and comfort considerations that go into deciding what extras you get from our Morrisania eyeglass store to make your experience in wearing them a better one. With choices that include anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, ultraviolet, tinted, and mirror, we can meet your every need.

Specialty Eyewear Morrisania

Specialty Eyewear Morrisania

An anti-reflective coating is extremely helpful in handling glare. This can be a common problem when driving at night due to the oncoming headlights, but it can also be a concern simply walking around in direct sunlight. This coating works to reduce the effect of reflections and glare and allow you to feel more comfortable. Ultraviolet coating is very useful for protecting your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Many sunglasses have this protection, but with ultraviolet coating from our Morrisania eyeglass store, you can have it for your prescription glasses too. Remember, just as you would shield your skin from the effects of the sun by wearing sunscreen, your eyes need to be protected too.

Tinted coating is an excellent tool in helping to both enhance your vision and to look better. Different color tints have specific benefits. For example, yellow tint can increase contrast. Use of tinted coating can also be helpful in masking signs of aging around your eyes. Taking that a step further, you can hide your eyes from everyone entirely by using mirror coating. You can even choose among colors such as silver, blue, and gold. At our Morrisania eyeglass store, we know that cosmetic considerations can be an important factor in more than just the designer frames you select.

Finally, if you are prone to damaging the lenses in your glasses, you will be pleased with scratch-resistant coating. Let’s face it, you take off and put on your glasses many times per day. Sometimes, you may lay them on a desk or a countertop instead of putting them back in their case. A little help in preventing scratches from marring the lenses- and your ability to see clearly- can be a big advantage. Check out these and more at our Morrisania eyeglass store.

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