Family Eye Care Bronx

Family Eye Care Bronx

Eye Express located in the Bronx is a full-service optometry practice, offering families affordable eye care and the latest eyewear products. Our licensed in-house Bronx optometrists have extensive therapeutic and diagnostic training in preventive eye care and emergency eye-related issues. From diagnosing ocular diseases including cataracts, red eyes, glaucoma, and dry eyes, Eye Express, conveniently located in Concourse Plaza Mall can assist with all your eye care needs.

Bronx Ocular Disease Assessment

From infancy to adulthood, annual eye sight examinations are important to maintaining your overall health. These non-invasive and thorough exams are the surest way to identify the cause of vision problems and detect any unknown health problems. For many eye conditions and diseases, there is often no discernible symptom or pain. As a patient of Eye Express in the Bronx, you will be tested with the latest sight-saving tools for early eye disease diagnosis and management. For many sight-threatening eye diseases, early detection and treatment is instrumental in preventing permanent vision loss. When you visit Eye Express for an eye examination, our doctors will test you for glaucoma, one of the most common eye diseases responsible for vision loss in adults.

At Eye Express, we can help guide you through the process of choosing your eyewear and recommending products that will help you in your daily life. Choose from our huge stock of popular brands and affordable quality eyewear at Eye Express!

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220 East 161ST Street
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