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Children’s eyeglasses at Eye Express is a smooth and comfortable experience, allowing your child to improve her or his vision and to pick out a pair of eyeglasses that are indicative of his or her taste. Our Morrisania opticians will offer the expert advice and guidance that you would expect from experienced professionals. And we’re proud to provide an atmosphere that will make your child feel welcome. And that begins with an eye exam. In order to prescribe the right eyeglasses for your child, our optometrist, Dr. Alan Vilinsky, will check her or his visual acuity using various tests. There is no pain in the exam and so nothing for your child to be fearful or anxious about. Please assure them that outside of a minor stinging from the eye drops, they will be perfectly comfortable during the exam.

Eye Care Morrisania Bronx

Eye Care Morrisania Bronx

Depending on what is found during the check up, it may be determined that your child has nearsightedness, farsightedness, or an astigmatism; possibly more than one of these. Either way, our Morrisania opticians will be able to help. First by crafting to precision the lenses that Dr. Vilinsky prescribed. Then by lending a hand in the choice from among our impressive variety of eyeglass frames. We have a large selection of styles, colors, and sizes and we feature some of the best known designer names in eyewear. This can be the ideal moment when your child will start to think of eyeglasses as something fun and stylish instead of as something difficult and unwanted. When he or she glances in the mirror and sees how good the eyeglasses look, attitudes commonly change for the better.

But we’re not done yet. Before you and your child leave with a pair of new and exciting eyeglasses, our Morrisania opticians will ensure a proper fit, not too loose and not too tight. We don’t want your child’s eyeglasses to be falling off their face nor do we want them to be uncomfortable, pinching the nose or around the ears. After all, we want to give your child reasons to wear their new eyeglasses, not reasons to “forget” them or to stuff them into their pocket or desk.

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