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Sometimes people think that a visit to the optometrist is only necessary if you wear glasses or need corrective lenses. While it is important for people who have trouble seeing or have certain eye conditions, it is still vital for those with good vision to visit an optometrist to screen for eye diseases and have access to treatment if necessary. Here at Eye Express, our South Bronx eye doctor, Dr. Alan Vilinsky has been an optometrist for over 20 years, and combined with the specialized knowledge of our staff we can provide you top notch eye examinations and consultations in order to ensure eye health.

10451 Eye Exams

10451 Eye Exams

A yearly visit with our South Bronx eye doctor can help detect more than just vision problems. While vision problems are easy to notice and are often apparent to the patient prior to visiting, there are other conditions that can be identified in order to take preventative measures if screened during a yearly eye exam. Often, some conditions are not apparent to patients until sufficient damage has already happened and becomes more noticeable. A yearly exam ensures that your eyes are healthy and strong, but can also provide insight to the rest of your body. The eye is the only place where blood vessels are easily visible and the state of these can give your doctor a wealth of insight regarding your overall health. In addition to vision problems, other signs of health conditions can be determined such as glaucoma, diabetes, high cholestrol, high blood pressure, and macular degeneration. It’s also vital to bring children for exams as they get older to help assess visual impairments as well as other eye conditions that can be corrected if caught early on. At Eye Express, Dr. Vilinsky uses his 20 year expertise and the latest computerized examination tools that can provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive results as possible.

Our staff here at Eye Express is concerned with your visual health and other visual needs. A yearly exam is important for the visually impaired as well as those who have 20/20 vision. Our South Bronx eye doctor can provide you with excellent optometric care and ensure that your overall health is in good shape as well.

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