Sunglasses Store Bronx

Designer sunglasses in Bronx

Sunglasses store Bronx

Sunglasses store Bronx

Your eyeglasses are a reflection of your personal sense of style and often show others your attitude towards the world. If regular eyeglasses can reflect your mood and style imagine what a pair of sunglasses can do to project your preferred image to the world. While people generally have just one pair of eyeglasses they may have several pairs of designer sunglasses, especially if they are not prescription to wear that showcase their many moods. Eye Express in its sunglasses store Bronx has a wide selection of frames that can be made into high fashion sunglasses.

Our sunglasses store Bronx doesn’t just specialize in eyeglasses but we have the largest selection of designer sunglasses in the area as well. Our expert staff will help you choose the right sunglass frames for your particular prescription, facial structure, budget and personal sense of style. Whether with corrective lenses or not the sunglass look that you’ve been searching for is right here in our optical shop’s display cases. While we feature a large selection of frames brands such as Ray-Ban that are designed to be sunglasses our opticians can fabricate almost any of our hundreds of designer frames into sunglasses. Our optical shop features the latest collections of designer frames from the top brands including Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Prada, D&G, Rocca Wear, Tommy Hilfinger, Sean John, Boss, Marc Jacobs, Bebe, Bvlari, Carrera, Fendi and Versace among others.

The optical shop in our sunglasses store Bronx use the highest quality lenses that maximize protection from both UVA and UVB rays. The quality of our lenses, whether prescription or plain is what sets the sunglasses from our practice apart from those available at retail shops and kiosks. So, come to our sunglasses store and see what our staff and optical shop can do for your vision.

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